Monea Castle

Hidden away only 3.6 miles from the resort in the beautiful countryside of Monea is this four storied Scottish inspired castle.

Generally regarded as the finest plantation castle of all, Monea castle is a must see historical site. It was built in 1618 by the Rector of Devenish, the Reverend Malcolm Hamilton, during the plantation.

The castle has seen been home to many families throughout history and also seen many conflicts. In 1688 Monea Castle was occupied by Gustavus Hamilton, Governor of Enniskillen, who had incurred enormous financial losses in the Williamite Wars. After he died in 1691 his greatly impoverished wife and children continued to live at the castle, but had to sell the estate in 1704. Over 40 years after this, the castle was ruined by a fire and subsequently abandoned in 1750.

Whilst the castle is now a ruin, and a little off the beaten track, it offers a fascinating glimpse into plantation architecture for adults, and a great place for kids to play hide & seek.

Distamce from Resort: 3.6 miles

Location: BT74 8EQ