Castle Coole

Situated on the edge of Enniskillen and surrounded by stunning landscape, Castle Coole is recognised as one of the finest neo-classical houses in Ireland. Once home to the Earls of Belmore, the mansion along with its 70 acres of land were transferred to the National Trust in 1951 but the family retained ownership of the contents.

Step inside the grand house with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide who will make the house come alive with their tales of times past. Designed by James Wyatt and completed 10 years later in 1798, visitors will get the opportunity to learn about the vast underground basement and wine cellar in contrast to the lavish rooms upstairs. With its magnificent slate rooms and their sumptuous Regency furnishings, one which is said to have been prepared for a visit from George IV in 1821, makes a visit to this historic house one to remember. Visitors may also see the Grand Yard, the Servants’ Tunnel, the recently restored Ice House, the dairy, stables, laundry house and display room which includes the Belmore Private Coach.

The beautiful grounds around Castle Coole house are perfect for taking in the breath-taking views of the mansion and the surrounding countryside. The enchanting lake walk, which was part of the original walk or ‘drive’ until 1908, was recreated by the National Trust 100 years after its initial closure, bringing some of estate’s history back to life.

If wildlife is your thing then Castle Coole has plenty to offer. From an array of water birds, including heron, water hen, kingfisher and mute swan, to birds in the sky such as buzzards, sparrow hawks and jays. The area provides a home to badgers, foxes, grey squirrels, mink and even the more rare pine martin, red squirrel and sika deer if you are lucky.

After you have explored the grounds, relax and unwind in the Tallow tea-room, which was recently refurbished in 2013 in preparation for the filming of ‘Miss Julie’ which seen Hollywood A-Listers, Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain visiting the estate.

Distance from Hotel: 6 miles

Location: On Belfast to Enniskillen road (A4)