Headhunters Museum

The Johnston family’s decision to combine their traditional barber’s skills with their interest in local railway history has led to one of the most fascinating attractions in Northern Ireland, Headhunters Museum & Barber Shop.

Whether you wish to groom your hair or not this unique barbers allows you to discover one of the largest displays of Irish railway memorabilia.

Start your journey at the reconstructed booking office where you are welcomed on board to experience the history of the Irish Railway Service. Explore the various uniforms, signs and photographs from local railway companies like The Great Northern Railway.

Headhunters is a fascinating museum and certainly one of Fermanagh’s best kept secrets. One of their biggest attractions are items often smuggled on trains around Fermanagh before the lines stopped running in 1957.

For an establishment so rich in history it is a pleasant surprise to discover that admission to the museum is free with a haircut being optional.

Distance from Hotel: 4.8 Miles

Location: Enniskillen Town