Sustainability & CSR


Sustainable hotels are businesses that significantly reduce their environmental impact through green best-practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage.

We place a high value on corporate responsibility and our investments in sustainability and the environment is evidence to our commitment to this journey to becoming a ‘Green’ hotel. Wherever possible we use the Proximity Principle to minimise the environmental, social and economic costs.

Waste Stream: 2019 V's 2021

General waste: 50% 100%

Food waste: 100% 100%

Glass 0%* 100%

Plastics 0% 100%

Cardboard:100% 100%

Oils: 100% 100%

Mixed recycling: 0% 100%

Our focus has been to achieve Zero waste to landfill in 2020 which we have achieved in Q1 2021. As we demonstrated we have also achieved our other targets of moving ‘waste’ up the waste hierarchy, minimising waste becoming waste, reducing costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

• All our recyclables are processed in Ireland or the UK and non-recyclable material sent to RDF/SRF within 100 miles.

• We source 70% of our goods and produce within 100 miles radius of our resort. The proximity principle is something we have always done well.

• We can now see exactly the weights of all waste that leaves our facility due to weighing systems on our Recyco’s bin lorries. We can analyse waste by type, volume and weight for our recycling KPI’s.

• We now compost our food waste within 20 miles of the hotel, compared to 60 miles previously. We are completely focus on reducing our food waste across the business and especially from the large number of wedding and events.

• We are beginning to trial waste analysis of Individual events such as weddings, breakfast and conferences to see what food is not consumed and therefore minimise quantities on plates.

• In 2021 our waste company Recyco secured a new recycling outlet in Northern Ireland for our plastics, paper and residual waste which previously went to England / India. This alone will save up to 867Kg of CO2 per load.

• As a result of the waste review we implemented some changes which have enabled us to become a Zero waste to landfill in Q1 2021. Recyco have now certified Lough Erne Resort under their Zero waste to landfill programme.

• Recyco are also building a new plastic processing plant which will product food grade pellets that will be used by our milk provider. We aim to promote this closed loop recycling and we are looking at only using local recycled bottles for water, juice etc.

• Our glass bottles go full circle back to us, in a close loop to another local processing facility in Fermanagh Quinn Glass.
• Patrons are encourage to minimise linen changes and towel usage encouraging sustainability.

• Invested sizeable sum in led lighting energy/cost saving data not currently available.

• Invested time in staff training to help minimise unwanted food production and streamline our kitchen process.

• There are dedicated bins in the offices and other high traffic areas to give staff and guests the opportunity to recycle throughout the estate.

• We have a 600-acre estate including our two championship golf courses, so we generate a lot of grass and other green wastes. We compost all green wastes on site and use the compost throughout the estate. Composting food waste is also being considered but a further study on vermin control will be needed.

• Total Waste (Tons) Jan21 – Sept 21: 28.8 ton

• Renewable Energy Produced: 124kWh

• CO2 emission savings by diverting from landfill: 16,240 KG

• Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase II assessment Lough Erne Resort were audited on the energy used by our buildings, our industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures and we are currently implementing the recommendations.

• We are looking at grant funding to install solar panels next year.

Lough Erne Resort have now achieved our Zero waste to landfill target but we have continued to focus on all other aspects such as green procurement, co2 reductions and moving waste up the waste hierarchy. Our recent key achievements in numbers are outlined below

Waste Stream: Tonnage 2021
• Plastics 1.8
• Food 28.8
• Glass 56
• Cardboard 3
• General waste 49.5
• Diverted from landfill 139.1 ton
• % Recycled 77.6 %
• % energy recovery 22.4%