Ulster American Folk Park

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the story of the brave emigrants who made the journey across the Atlantic to America

Hundreds of years ago in 1845 the people of Ireland faced the Great Famine that unknowingly would change the future of the country. This disastrous event caused the population of Ireland to drop by 20-25% either due to mortality or emigration.

Have you ever wondered what trials and tribulations people of this era faced? The Ulster American Folk Park will let you delve back in time to experience the fully costumed characters who will give you a unique insight into the crafts, food and hardships the people of ulster would have experienced nearly 200 years ago. Walk through the streets, houses and the docks of both Ulster and America in your journey through time. You will even board a full-scale emigrant ship to experience what the 4000 mile journey would have been like.

The Ulster American Folk Park is a real eye opener for people of all ages to experience.

If the sounds of museums don’t excite you then you will be glad to know that there are always various live performances scheduled all year round. From live music to dance and even the performing arts the Ulster American Folk Park houses some unique local talent. No matter why you visit the Ulster American Folk Park you will always be made to feel at home.

Distance from Resort: 35.2 miles

Location: Omagh BT78 5QU