Cladagh Glen

– Closed to the public to facilitate pathway repairs (February 2023- present) We will provide an update when the works are completed.

Explore the great outdoors and witness Mother Nature’s outstanding beauty with the Cladagh Glen Walk situated near scenic Florence Court. Located within the grounds of the Marble Arch UNESCO Global Geopark, this stunning walk allows you to surround yourself in the ancient ash woodland. Ireland was once covered in this ancient ash but now this area is considered very rare and the reason why it is now a National Nature Reserve.

There are many breath-taking features along the pathways of the Cladagh Glen, from steep limestone cliffs to cascading waterfalls, cave springs to a rich treasury of wild flowers. The most impressive sight is the ‘Marble Arch’, a beautiful natural archway that traverses over the river. Interestingly, did you know this is where the Marble Arch Caves derived it’s name from?

If you delve deeper into the woodland, you will stumble across an old cottage that is believed to have been used during the Victorian era for shooting parties.

At the climax of this majestic 1.6 mile walk you will come to the Marble Arch Visitor Centre where you can reward yourself with refreshments in the onsite café.

Distance from Resort: 15 miles

Location: Florence Court, Co. Fermanagh