Erne Boat Hire

Enjoy the beauty of the Fermanagh Lakelands up close with Erne Boat Hire. It’s the perfect chance to explore around Irelands only island town while experiencing the joy of boating.

Located in Enniskillen town beside the Erneside shopping centre, this family run business hires small pleasure crafts for periods of two hours up to a full day. Each boat can hold up to 6 persons meaning you can bring the whole family on your adventures around the historic town of Enniskillen. Alternatively why not take a short 30 minute journey to Devenish Island and delve back in time to explore the 6th-century monastery and the mind-boggling one hundred foot tower.

Make the most of your tranquil surroundings as each boat is equipped with two storage containers that are perfect for carrying all of your picnic essentials.

As you are taking in the scenery make sure to watch out for the wildlife that blend themselves into the beautiful habitat that is Fermanagh, from the majestic Swan to the illusive Kingfisher there are some amazing sights to be seen. You can even bring your own furry friends as the boats are dog friendly meaning nobody has to miss out on the many adventures to be had on Lough Erne.

The possibilities are endless with Erne Boat Hire, from exploring the ancient ruins to circumnavigating the island town of Enniskillen.

Distance from Resort: 4.8 Miles

Location: Enniskillen BT74 7BL