The Garden of Irish Saints

In nearby Irvinestown only 14.6 miles from the resort, there is a majestic garden showcasing intricate wooden sculptures of Celtic Saints and Scholars. All of these amazing sculptures are made from Irish Oak and were produced by sculptor Jonas Raiskas who spent between 2007 until 2011 carving the beautiful figures for the garden.

Some of the figures that are immortalized are Saints Patrick, Brigid, Columbanus, Gall, Molaise, Columcille and Killian. The garden is a great place to learn more about the history of Ireland and how these saints and scholars impacted upon it. These life-sized sculptures are all accompanied by informative labelling and information boards.

The carvings, all hand done in native Irish oak, are distributed among six small stone buildings in a small pine forest beside the Sacred Heart Church. Each house covers a different period or aspect of Irish Christian history.

In addition to Saint Patrick the first house within the garden contains a number of other carvings depicting various early Christian/Pagan legends and mysteries. For instance you will notice a number of swans which depict one of Ireland’s best known legends – the Children of Lir who were turned into swans by their jealous step-mother and had to travel over the country for 900 years until they heard the sound of a Christian bell and could become human again and receive the Christian faith. Based on this legend, no one in Ireland will harm a swan.

There are many sights to see and things to learn at the Garden of the Celtic Saints, a hidden gem if you are interested in Irish history. The garden is free to enter allowing anyone to come and experience these incredibly elaborate sculptures for themselves.

Distance from Resort: 14.6 miles

Location: BT94 1EX


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