Fishing in Fermanagh

Fermanagh is renowned for its world famous fishing. With over 300 square miles of water, the Lakelands are an angler's paradise.

With its abundance of loughs and rivers, the Fermanagh Lakelands offer game anglers the opportunity to fish for salmon and wild brown trout as well as stocked rainbow trout. The famous sonaghan, ferox and gillaroo can also be found in these diverse waters.

The coarse angler will find some of the finest fishing available in Europe, with bream, pike and hybrids in abundance as well as perch and tench and many more for you to discover.

There are many different angling competitions that take place on Lough Erne, a popular example of this would be The Fermanagh Classic Fishing Festival which takes place every year and regularly attracts over 200 anglers to the Fermanagh Lakelands to take part.

There is no close season for the coarse fisherman and it is possible for the game angler to fish throughout the year as the designated rainbow fisheries remain open year round.

There are many tackle and bait shops around Enniskillen that will be able to equip you with the latest in lures, reels, and rods to allow you to truly enjoy the Fermanagh angling experience.

Top Fishing Locations

Navar Lakes – The Navar Lakes are made up of three main lakes, the Achork, Meenameen and Glencreawan. These lakes are located in nearby Derrygonnelly which is only 13 miles from the resort. The Achork and Meenameen Lakes have a high number of brown trout while the Glencreawan Lake has a mix of brown and rainbow trout. Experienced anglers would recommend fly fishing, spinning and worm fishing at the Achork and Meenameen Lakes while sticking to fly fishing for the Glencreawan Lake provides the best results.

    Lough Scolban – Located in Belcoo, Lough Scolban is only 18.6 miles from the resort. Within this lough pike are the main type of fish found in this water, with some weighing up to 9 kg. There is also an abundance of perch and roach which tend to be small. Trout and bream are occasionally found in this lake but are generally not the main interest for anglers here.

Lower Lough Erne – The best access to Lower Lough Erne is from Enniskillen which is only 4.8 miles from the resort. In Enniskillen, fishing stands are located at the more popular fishing spots throughout the town which has improved access to the lough. Fly fishing is a particularly effective method for fishing for brown trout and the mayfly season is without doubt the most important fly fishing period on the lough. The mayfly makes its appearance in mid-May and continues for three to four weeks. So if you are into fly fishing this is the perfect time of year to book a fishing break in the Fermanagh Lakelands.

Blessingbourne Estate – Located in nearby Fivemiletown, Blessingbourne Estate which is only 23 miles from the resort is home to a large stately Manor House with peaceful walks and exciting bike trails for all visitors to enjoy. The main attraction for anglers are the two Blessingbourne Lakes which sit amongst the mature woodland within the estates property. The larger lake is around 3 metres deep and is best known for its specimen pike and perch fishing. This lake also contains good stocks of roach and rudd. The smaller lake is around 2 metres deep and contains plentiful stocks of smaller fish, whilst also having a path around the shore for easy access to the lake. If you wish to fish on the Blessingbourne Lakes you must first have the Landowner’s permission before arrival.

(Please Note: All locations mentioned require a full fishing licence from The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA))

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