Noel McMeel & his team

Establishing Lough Erne Resort as one of Ireland’s top 5 star gourmet destinations, our acclaimed chef and author of one of the worlds best cookery books (Irish Pantry) Noel McMeel along with his team has created a collection of wedding menus to wow you and your guests. 

Northern Ireland and the Fermanagh lakelands, are fortunate to have some of the finest ingredients at our fingertips and Noel is a true ambassador for local produce, and has dedicated his entire career to one very simple goal: finding, preparing and serving fresh food in season which is evident in the wedding menus he has created at Lough Erne Resort.

Noel’s passion for the best of local food and his vibrant personality shine through at Lough Erne Resort, all of which have quality and authenticity at their heart.

Noel McMeel’s exuberance around food and infectious enthusiasm means he is regularly asked to represent Ireland’s food industry across the world, with regular television appearances including representing Ireland in the Great British Menu (2008 & 2007), Food Poke (2007) and regular features on RTE’s Afternoon Show.  With countless articles, editorials, recipe features in publications such as Bon Appetit, Food and Wine as well as public speaking engagements and radio interviews, Noel McMeel is without doubt the perfect chef for your perfect wedding feast. 

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